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The Sovereign Class

The Sovereign Class

Dungeons & Dragons 5e

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[11/23/2022 Update: Early Access v1.1 Now Available] 

Respect is earned, not given. The sovereign is a leader, a diplomat, a tactician, and, most importantly, a keeper of the people. These rulers of the realms are granted power through their citizenry, as a sovereign symbolizes the strength of their people and demesne. You are a leader given this privilege to rule. You may be a member of royal prestige given power through divine right, an appointed war chief who earned their privilege through bloodshed, or a politician that has worked their way up the ranks of leadership.

For the People

Trained in the duties of country-keeping, it is a sovereign’s duty to ensure their people are cared for and protected, for the power of a ruler is entirely reliant on them having their citizens to rule. Most often, part of this duty of protection includes the preparation for military service, making sovereigns remarkable tacticians and soldiers in times of war. Even the most tyrannical of rulers cannot command a military without citizenry willing to take arms in support of their iron fist.

While you create your sovereign, it is highly suggested you consider a lawful alignment, as sovereigns are maintainers and symbols of order in civilization. Your people should be in the forefront of your mind. Do you rule with authoritarian cruelty? Are you open to holding the voice of the people as sacred, even if it means losing your power?

Sovereigns of Many Titles

The rulers of the realm are all sovereigns, whether they be lord or lady, king or queen, princess or prince, or chief or chieftess. This title encompasses any member of significant power over a governing body. You might gain a new title in taking on this position, which you can use in place of “Sovereign” when referring to your sovereign level if you prefer that flavor. For example, if you are a 1st-level Sovereign and are made Lord of your court, you might decide to call yourself a 1st-level Lord rather than Sovereign.

Included in the PDF

You think you're just getting a class? Oh no no, this thing is full of different character options inspired by classic Medieval Romantic fantasy:

  • The Sovereign Class
  • Bullywug Race
  • Bard: College of Satire
  • Rogue: Chevalier Roguish Archetype
  • 9 new Feats
  • Statblocks for sovereign NPCs
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